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Our firm has positioned itself as a leader in the Republic of Djibouti by the renewed confidence of our clients, thanks to our creative and innovative approach as well as by the strong commitment of our collaborators carried by a set of common values which are passion, team work, clarity, quality and integrity.

In this context of customer satisfaction management, General Management has defined a quality policy focused on the following points::

  • The satisfaction of our customers.
  • The mastery of our skills.
  • Continuous improvement of our activities.

As part of the implementation of our ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS), the Management strives to achieve, measure and analyze the results of the axes set by its policy, in order to progress together in the achievement of these strategic objectives, based on a collaborative and ethical approach to our business.

Our Quality Management System is established according to the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard (excluding the requirements of paragraph 8.3 Design and Development, due to the nature of our services which consist of recording accounting data and analyze financial statements), and applies to all of our Chartered Accountants and Statutory Auditors activities.

A real long-term commitment, this project makes us part of a continuous improvement process that will be valued annually during control audits and on a daily basis in the service provided to our customers.

To ensure the efficiency of the operation of this system, the Management ensures the implementation of the processes (the process approach and the risk-based approach), the consideration of customer requirements, requirements legal and regulatory requirements, as well as PKF International's quality control requirements in order to comply with network requirements and staff awareness, to achieve the objectives set for all our activities.

The Management is committed to providing all the resources (human, material and communication) necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the QMS.

It will inform itself, through management reviews, of the relevance of the Quality objectives with the context and the strategic direction, and of the effectiveness of the QMS.

The responsible for quality management is responsible for supporting the manager’s activity to report periodically to management on the functioning of the QMS.

Mohamed Youssouf Aouled
Managing Partner