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Accounting outsourcing and taxation assistance

PKF Djibouti accompanies you in the daily management of your company in order for you to concentrate on the development and the growth of your business.

Supported by optimized management tools and backed up by recognized expertise, we provide you with the best tools to manage your business.

Thanks to our original and personalized approach, we offer high value-added solutions that will help you make strategic decisions while reducing your costs.

PKF is a team of professionals and experts who are at your service and whose goal is to create added value for your company.

Our Mission:

Accounting Assistance

  • Control and revision of your bookkeeping;
  • Accounting supervision;
  • Periodic follow-ups & period analyzes;
  • Control over compliance with the accounting regulations in force.

Holding Accounting Books

  • Keeping books and records;
  • Establishment of adapted accounting;
  • Establishment of intermediate states;
  • Preparing your financial statements
  • Forecast analyzes.


  • Preparation of tax declarations;
  • Tax management;
  • Assistance in case of tax audit.

Payroll Management

  • Establishment of pay slips;
  • Preparation of the declarations of social contributions.


  • Training of your accounting and administrative staff;
  • Upgrade.