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Audit and Statutory Auditing

Whether in a legal or contractual audit, thanks to our expertise bringing together CPA (certified of professional accountant) of the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants of Quebec (Canada) and auditors of the CNCC-D (Compagnie Nationale des Auditors of Djibouti) of experience, we will assure you a quality audit of your financial information that will meet the highest requirements and high added value.

Our audit methodology, which is the same worldwide, complies with international auditing standards and forms the basis of our audit security.

We develop a risk-oriented and risk-based audit approach that includes innovative elements and puts your specific requirements at the center of our audit. Based on our understanding of your business model and operational activities as well as the risk environment and the effectiveness of the business processes you have implemented and your internal control environment, we define a audit strategy specific to your entity.

You will benefit from precise and reliable information validated by our signature.

Our signature is a guarantee of quality ...


  • Statutory auditor Accounting and financial audit;
  • Office of Intake and Merger;
  • Evaluation and acquisition audit Organizational audit;
  • Audit of fraud;
  • Audit of procedures.