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Josephine Matambo elected as Deputy Chairperson of ZIMRA

01 Nov 2019

PKF Africa continues to contribute positively in the various economies in which its members reside. In this regard we would like to congratulate PKF Chartered Accountants (Zimbabwe) whose Tax Partner, Josephine Matambo, has been appointed Deputy Chairperson to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Board with effect from 19 December 2018.

Josephine Matambo has been with PKF Zimbabwe since May 2012. She has an illustrious career history that started in 1981 with the Tax Office in the Government of Zimbabwe where she exited as Assistant Commissioner of Taxes in 1995. Josephine held senior posts in various other audit firms. She studied VAT systems in South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Mozambique, Kenya and New Zealand while she was one of the 4 consultants to the Zimbabwean Government in 1998 to study the then existing indirect tax, propose a VAT system and participate in drafting the VAT law upon introduction of VAT in Zimbabwe. Josephine has tax experience in all sectors in Angola, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

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